We all have once in our life wanted to have something important in our PC that only you wanted access to and no one else. Here I have a solution for you on how to password protect your files on Windows PC. It is really easy to do so and only take a couple of steps and settings to do in order to correctly encrypt and password-protect your data.

Your data is very important to yourself and you need to try your best to protect your personal data and important documents are it PC, Laptop or Desktop. There are many applications for Windows that will totally protect your files and data with a secure password.

How to Password Protect your Files on Windows PCs important data?

Folder protect is the right option when it comes to folder protection because it has been known for its good reputation and strong encryptions of your files and folders. Folder lock is a fast solution for your valuable data which can encrypt and password-protect within seconds of being installed on your Windows computer.

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This software for password protection works on all popular operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Password protection is vital and very important at the same time this is why folder protect protects your data with 256-bit industry-grade encryption so it is not easily guessable or accessible.

Folder protects also secures your external storage devices such as USB drive and CD / DVD drives. When your files are protected using the password protection software then it is also safe from viruses and dangerous malware because they will be hidden and encrypted. There is no limitation of how many folders you can protect at the same time using password protection on Windows.

Benefits of Password Protecting your data
• Your data is safe and protected
• Only you have access to your files and folder
• Keep viruses away from damaging the data
• It also hides important documents selected
• Works on all Microsoft OS

Details of Password Protection Software free download
• Licensing: Freeware
• Developer is Folder Protect
• Support: 32 bit (x86) 64 bit (x64)
• Platform: Windows