Microsoft is aiming for UWP apps to be a huge success. How To Uninstall A UWP App In Windows 10? The Windows 10 Store has a high number of applications and some big branded companies have developed UWP apps. All things considered, Microsoft is verifiably cumbersome at incorporating these UWP applications close by desktop applications. The awkwardness is due in part to 2 different types of applications running on a PC.

The Settings app and the Control Panel are the best examples of this divide. Important system settings are split between these 2 applications further confusing the average non-technical user. It’s difficult to know which function will be in the Settings application and which will be in the Control Panel application. One function that appears in both the Control Panel app and the Settings is the uninstall app function.

The Control Panel allows you uninstall PC apps while the Settings app allows you uninstall a UWP app in Windows 10. UWP apps installed on your PC won’t appear in the Control Panel.  So If you have installed a UWP app from the Windows Store then you won’t know how to remove it. You will be more confused if in case you have forgotten it was a UWP app, to start with. Here are two simple ways to uninstall a UWP app in Windows 10.

How To Uninstall A UWP App In Windows 10

How to Uninstall A UWP App In Windows 10 via Settings App

First, you will need to open the Settings app and then go to the System group of settings. Choose the Apps & Features tab and wait for the list of applications to show up.

Now simply click on the UWP app you wish to uninstall. It will try to expand in order to reveal 2 options; Uninstall and Move. Click on Uninstall in order to uninstall the app.

How To Uninstall A UWP App In Windows 10

You’ll be shocked if you know that few PC applications will be shown in the Settings app. My best suggestion will be not to uninstall a desktop app from the Settings app. Please do it directly from the Control Panel instead.

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How to Uninstall A UWP App In Windows 10 via Start Menu

A simple and fast way to uninstall a UWP app in Windows 10 is directly from the Start Menu. Check for the app you wish to remove in the list of apps. Then simply right-click the application in the app list or just right-click the app tile which will be on the Start Menu.  Now Click on ‘Uninstall’ from the context menu in order to remove the app.

How To Uninstall A UWP App In Windows 10

Again, this same trick will also work for desktop apps as well. Now the question is will Windows 10 remove a desktop app properly or not.

Possibilities are Windows 10 can surely uninstall desktop apps from both the Start Menu and the Settings app but I would not suggest that. You can use the Control Panel in order to uninstall a desktop app and then stick to the Settings app in order to remove a UWP app.