iPhone/iPod or iPad has one common issue in their software and it is the stocking of the device on the black screen from where the only way out is to shut the device down and restart it. This overwhelming situation may arise at any instance while using these devices. Now anyone who is facing this issue is going to get the various available methods on the internet to fix it but certainly, all of those methods are either invaluable or just don’t work at all.

What else can be done to get rid of the black screen forever is the question in the minds of the users. No, wait or more searching for the exact methods of fixing the iPhone/iPad or iPod black screen issue.

How To Fix an iPhone Stuck on the Black Screen without losing data

Fix an iPhone Stuck on the Black Screen without losing data

After a long work, we have found a working way by which the black screen issue can be removed. Explore the method to fix iPhone stuck on the black screen without losing data. The instructions according to that method are given below so whosoever is facing this issue can read it up and get about the method, try it or apply it so as to get rid of the black screen issue. Why wait now! Just go and read up the data given below on the page. Learn the post How To Fix an iPhone Stuck on the Black Screen without losing data carefully.

# First step to fix the black screen on the apple devices is to create the backup of all the data inside the device. Go and download the dr.phone software from the internet to your Windows or Mac computer device. Once after the installation is done open this app or tools and then connect your device to the computer using the USB cable. Click on the Recover tab inside the tool panel and this will direct you towards taking the backup of all the data inside the iPhone device.

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# To get rid of the black screen simply go and check if the computer that you are using is connected to iTunes. Both your device and the computer device must be connected previously with the same iTunes account so as to get this method work. If it is connected then you can proceed with the dr.fone tool on the computer device.

# Open up the tool and then click on the Repair tab so as to start with the process of recovering the connected device from the black screen. This same tab can be used or the tool can be used to repair the Stuck on Apple logo and Recovery mode loop. If you are facing any of these then follow up with the steps after clicking on the Repair tab.

# Click on the Start button and then proceed until the process begins. You will need to pass through the various steps until the process begins. Make sure that the process is initiated properly and you should not distract it anyways. Once the whole process will be over then the apple device connected will reboot and will start up automatically. This is all due to the tool and notice that the data inside the device would be removed so you can use the Backup created at the beginning of the method.

No matter how much the developers have worked at Apple to improve the software of the smartphone devices yet they are still unable to remove the only issue of a black screen. Even in the top models or the most expensive apple devices, the black screen stuck problem can be found. If the apple has failed to get rid of it the above method can prove to be useful and you would be able to resist this issue forever or for a long time.

Once you have given a try to this method, let us know if it also worked for you by sharing through the comments section. Share this information with other iPhone users too, let’s make black screen-free iPhone/iPad/iPod experience.