Chinese President Xi Jinping said China and Nepal are good brothers and sisters in helping each other. He points out four things that Nepal and China should do together. The four tasks pointed out by Chinese President Xi are to deepen strategic communication, expand practical cooperation, broaden public-level exchanges and strengthen security cooperation.

In a special article prepared by Chinese President Xi Jinping on the eve of the visit to Nepal, there are 4 tasks that Nepal and China should do together. On Friday including the Gorkhapatra National Daily published Chinese President’s article said that , “To bring China-Nepal relations to new heights in the new era, both sides must create a long-term relationship plan.”

President Xi has said, “China will assist Nepal in building the capacity to implement the law and will assist Nepal in the training work of law enforcement. To effectively control the criminal activities across the border and to facilitate the security, economic and trade exchanges of the citizens of both countries, the two sides should strengthen their mutual contact for border defense.”

President Xi said that China would fully support Nepal Tourism Year 2020 and encourage the Chinese to visit Nepal. President Xi said that china would provide scholarships for outstanding Nepali youth to study in China, and would welcome more Nepali students to study in China. He said that the direct flights between the two countries will be enhanced.

Chinese President Xi also emphasized the connectivity of Himalayas across Nepal while Nepal is offering a railway crossing from Rasuwagadi. President article states, “Both sides should actively pursue the creation of multidimensional connectivity networks across the Himalayas.”

Explaining Xi’s emphasis on ‘multidimensional connectivity network across the Himalayas’, Nepal now has the opportunity to open boats including Olangchunggola, Kimathanka, Tatopani, Rasuwagadhi, Korla and Hilsa, connecting Nepal and China, and increase its chances of developing it as a tripartite connectivity.

Similar to Si Jinping’s article published in the Gorkhapatra ,

Take the friendship of the Himalayas to new heights – Xi Jinping

I will soon be making a state visit to Nepal, the friendly neighbor of China, at the invitation of President Mrs. Bidadevi Bhandari. This is the first time that I am going to visit Nepal, however I do not feel unknown to Nepal. Nepal has magnificent mountains and rivers, and has a distinctive culture. So I was interested to visit Nepal a long time ago. I have met many Nepalese leaders who have visited China many times and have developed deep friendships with them. I look forward to renewing friendship and negotiating cooperation with Nepalese friends who have come to such a pleasant land. Hopefully, we will be able to develop new plans for the development of bilateral relations.

China and Nepal are connected by mountains and rivers, since the ages, the two countries have been friendly relations. About 1600 years ago, the great Chinese monk Phi Xian and Nepali great monk Buddhadra visited each other’s country and jointly translated the scriptures of Buddhism. In the Thang dynasty of China, Nepalese princess Bhrikuti was married to Tibetan king Sangchan Gompo. Great monk Sivian Chang wrote his travelogue in a valuable description of Lumbini, the birthplace of Sakyamun. In the Yian Dynasty, Nepali renowned artist Araniko came to China and built a white stupa in Beijing. These are just a few examples of the friendly relationship that has existed between our people for ages.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Nepal in 1955, the two countries have supported each other by respecting and trusting each other. Such mutual respect, friendly cooperation between us has been a model of good relations between neighboring countries.

China and Nepal are good friends who respect and trust each other. On the basis of the five principles of peaceful coexistence, both sides have successfully outlined the boundary between the two countries and made Himalayas a strong pillar between the two countries. Both sides strongly support each other’s main interests. Nepal remains firm in the policy of the one and only China, adhering to it firmly and not allowing any power to carry out anti-China activities using Nepal’s land. China has strongly supported Nepal in protecting national sovereignty, independence, country’s integrity and pursuing development paths according to the condition of the country.

China and Nepal are good partners for mutual benefit and cooperation. In South Asia, Nepal is an important partner of China’s trade and development. Last year, bilateral trade volume reached US $ 1 billion. China had invested more than US $ 100 million in Nepal. Nepal is actively participating in the construction of the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative and is cooperating with China in the construction of highways and physical infrastructure, including upgrades, ports, airports, power plants. Thus the construction of connectivity network across the Himalayas is expanding, which will benefit not only the two countries but the entire region.

China and Nepal are good neighbors to learn from each other. The Chinese Buddhist temple built by China in Lumbini has become a symbol of religious and cultural exchanges between China and Nepal. Nepal is the first destination of choice for Chinese citizens in South Asia. Currently there are about two flights between the two countries each week, more than three million people visit each other each year. Two pairs of nephews have become cities between our two countries. The day-to-day exchanges have increased understanding among the people of the two countries and have added a driving force in the development and progress of the two countries.

China and Nepal are good brothers and sisters in helping each other. After the catastrophic earthquake in Wenchuan, China’s Sichuan province, in the year 3, the Nepalese government and the Nepalese people actively provided money and materials to assist China’s earthquake relief. Likewise, after the great earthquake in Nepal in the year 3, the Chinese government and the people immediately started massive relief works and also assisted in the reconstruction of the earthquake. These are an excellent example of the brotherhood that has existed between China and Nepal.

At present, the Government of Nepal and the people are moving towards achieving the goal of ‘prosperous Nepal, happy Nepali’ while the Chinese government and the people are moving forward for the ‘two hundred years’ goal. Since the dreams and destiny of the Chinese and Nepalese people are linked together, in this age we should work together for a brighter future by strengthening mutual cooperation between the two countries. Here are the things we need to do together:

Strengthening Strategic Communication: In order to bring China-Nepal relations to new heights in the new era, both sides must develop a long-term relationship plan. For this, a high level of exchange should be maintained. Mutual political trust should be enhanced; mutual assistance should continue to be strong in matters of mutual interest. Promoting the sharing of good governance and development experiences of the country should provide greater benefits to the people of both countries.

Extending Practical Support: Both sides must actively pursue the creation of multi-dimensional connectivity networks across the Himalayas. China has encouraged Chinese entrepreneurs to invest mainly in Nepal in four areas – trade and investment, reconstruction, energy, tourism. China welcomes Nepal to export Nepal’s specific products to China by participating in the second Chinese International Import Expo, China will continue to support Nepal for its reconstruction and provide support to the Nepalese people as far as possible.

Broadening public-level exchanges: Both sides should promote exchanges and cooperation in education, youth, tourism and other sectors, increase direct flights of airlines from both countries and increase people’s network. China fully supports Nepal’s ‘1 Nepal Tourism Year’ and will encourage more Chinese citizens to visit Nepal. China will provide more government scholarships for Nepal’s outstanding youth and train more talented people for Nepal’s construction. China welcomes more Nepalese students to come to China to study.

Strengthening Security Assistance: China will assist Nepal in building law enforcement capacity and will assist Nepal in law enforcement training. In order to effectively control the criminal activities across the border and to facilitate the security, economic and trade exchanges of the citizens of both countries, the two sides should strengthen their relations for border defense. In addition, we must strengthen practical cooperation in the field of military visits, personnel training and equipment technology.

There is a saying in Nepalese, ‘The sea becomes a little bit together’, and in Chinese the same saying, “If everyone adds wood, the flame will increase even bigger.” Go, I believe – we can take China and Nepal’s Himalayan friendship to new heights.